Summary of evaluation:

Site Play fairness Cheat difficulty Controls

Actual presence of cheaters

Money earned Final grade Good Easy Useless Yes $60


The site: is a young skill gaming website (2009), claiming thousands of players and focusing on its community. Their slogan: "Do it better"


Play fairness:

Good: We played some games with two different profiles, and found that the starting game datas are identical for each players.


Cheat difficulty:

Easy: We used basic cheating technicals, easily found on the Web and requiring a few hours of work.

Example in video:



Useless: We were asked to submit a video of one of our game to prove our "humanity". A good point is that they paid attention to our excellent play, but a bot can do the same with or without a camera, so it's useless.


Actual presence of cheaters:

Yes: Instead of our excellent but not perfect play, we didn't reach the highest score. Obtaining better score like some players have require superhuman power.


Money earned:

$60 (minus charges): We won and withdrawn that money without difficulty, except the video stage that delayed the withdrawal.

Paypal statement:


Final grade:

Warning: Cheating in games is actually very easy for any basic programmer. We do not recommend the deposit and play of your money on this site in its present state, until important measures for security are taken.

More important, they were warned in February 2011, respond to our messages, but didn't take measures. They know honest players are exploited by cheaters, but they don't care. Avoid!